Self Mastery

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selfmasterySelf Mastery by Jesse Ross Deamude was originally published in 1922 provides to quote the author “the fundamental truths for those who seek health, inspiration, happiness and success.”

A few paragraphs from the introduction:

“Self Mastery, expressed in other terms, or at least its philosophy, is at once the most ancient as well as the most modern philosophy. King Solomon is accredited with saying that, ‘There is nothing new under the sun.’ Whether he was or was not the first to express that thought, it, nevertheless is true.

All things which exist today, always existed potentially. The great truths presented in the Philosophy of Self Mastery are as old as time itself; but as little known to the most of humanity as the nature of life at the bottom of the sea. Yet the great truths of the creative forces of the soul are so well known by a chosen few, whose lives have become ‘heaven on earth,’ as a result of the knowing and living in harmony with the secret forces of nature that, some of them are found living in paradise, in every city, though in humble homes on which fall the shadows of great marble palaces; palaces which too often are but gorgeous tombs, or prisons of sorrow and remorse; where discord, discontent and sadness reign supreme — Palaces of Sorrow.

The potent message which Self Mastery offers, finds a wondrous response today in the hearts of thousands. The world is hungering and thirsting for the message it brings and especially those who have felt that fate was unkind; those whose lives have been filled with bad luck, misfortune; who have struggled all through life and have met obstacles at every turn, which blocked their progress and dashed their fondest hopes into the dust. The philosophy of Self Mastery opens a new world to all who have been thus unfortunate. It shows the reason for the apparent curse which rests upon them, and places the powers of Fate in their hands, so that they may shape their lives and destinies according to their own design.”



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