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shaving made easyShaving Made Easy…What the Man who Shaves Ought to Know by “Mr. Barber”  (love that!) was originally published in 1905 and is a must have classic for those of us who enjoy dipping into the past.. One thing I really love about this book is they call it the “Art of Shaving.”  When was the last time you heard anyone (male or female) comment on the “art of shaving?”  Usually someone is bitching about a nick or cut…if anyone even talks at all about shaving anymore.  This book was written back in the time when if you wanted a really good close shave most people went to a barber….but this book aimed to change that!

This book reminds us what it might be like if we were to be pushed backwards into an early time.  Hair Hair Hair… I want to give you a true idea of the awesomeness (is that a word?) of this book so I am going to give you the full preface and list of chapters :)


“The object of this little book is to furnish clear and full information about the art of shaving. There are few men who do not experience more or less difficulty in shaving themselves, and many who, after a few unsuccessful attempts, give it up in despair and go to the barber shop. We believe most of these would much prefer to shave themselves if only they could do as well as a barber. The advantages, indeed, seem to be wholly with the man who shaves himself. In the first place the shaving is done in the privacy of his own room. He has his own razor, cup, soap, brush and towels, which can be kept scrupulously clean and sanitarv. thus avoiding the constant danger of infection.

There is no long wait for the call of “next.” After the first cost of the outfit there is nothing to pay, either for services or “tips.” Thus in point of time, money and health,, the man who shaves himself is a decided gainer. There are few things in life that are really difficult to perform when one thoroughly knows how to do them. Shaving is no exception. The art of shaving can be easily acquired if one only has the will, and the necessary practical information. This book, which, as far as we are aware, is the only one treating the subject at all completely, endeavors to supply such information; as well for the improvement of men accustomed to shave themselves, as for the instruction of beginners.

We believe that any man who will carefully read and follow the instructions here given, will, with some little practice, soon be able to shave himself easily and even better than the bartender  can do it for him.


I. The Shaving Outfit
II. The Razor
III. Care of the Razor
IV. The Safety Razor
V. The Hone
VI. How to Use the Hone
VII. The Strop
VIII. How to Strop the Razor
IX. The Brush
X. The Cup
XI. The Soap
XII. The Lather
XIII. Instructions to Beginners
XIV. The Right Way to Shave
XV. Care of the Face After Shaving
XVI. Irritation of the Skin — Its Cause and Prevention



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