Spalding’s Official Soccer Football Guide 1910

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spaldingsSpalding’s Official Soccer Football Guide by Harry F. Schumacher is an absolute gem of a blast into the past especially for you soccer fans. In the early 1900’s soccer in the United States was still called Football, hence the title.  Here are a few interesting paragraphs from this book to give you a feel for it:

“All that the average soccer fan pays any attention to in the game is the number of goals scored and who scores them. He pays no attention whatsoever to the other fine points of the game. He fails to realize that fouls and off-side plays are just as detrimental to a team’s play as goals are to its advantage. He does not take into consideration in passing on a goalkeeper’s ability the number of times he was close pressed during the game. Knowing that to eliminate foul play from foot ball fouls must be called to the attention of the rooters, and also to make players keep on-side, I decided to keep accurate record of every goal, foul, off-side play and every throw-in, corner kick and goal kick during each game.

I ran a box score of the result similar to those used in base ball in my stories in the Republic. Opposite each player’s name I printed the number of times he got a goal or fouled or was off-side. Also the number of corner kicks kicked off by the wings. As a summary, I had the number of goal kicks and throw-ins. The following averages are the result of this. They show just what each and every player did in the many positions. I based them on ability to score goals. The goal-keeper averages are based on the number of times the goal was really closely pressed and the number of goals scored. In the team averages I took into consideration the number of times the team was forced to kick out.

In goal-getters the following players excelled in their respective positions : Outside right Frank Smith, 4 goals ; inside right P. Ratican, 2 goals; center Jack O’Berta, 3 goals; inside left Axes, 6 goals ; outside left Menehan, 4 goals. All the outside rights in the league made 9 goals, committed 15 fouls, and were off-side 19 times; the inside rights scored 12 goals and were off-side 20 times and made 25 fouls ; centers scored 17 goals, committed 37 fouls and were off-side 21 times; inside lefts turned 18 goals, committed 26 fouls and were off- side 21 times; outside lefts shot 9 goals, committed 8 fouls and’ were off-side 18 times. The other positions committed the fol- lowing number of fouls: Right halfs, 27; center halfs, 31; left halfs, 38; right fulls, 17, and left fulls, 6. The averages of the league are as follows …”


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