Spool Knitting

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spoolknittingSpool Knitting by Mary A. McCormack was originally published in 1909 and is filled with excellent instructions and  pictures of how to “spool knit” which is likely something few people can do anymore?  Here is a list of what Mary teaches in addition to a few words from her introduction:

Spool Knitting
Toy Knitters
Round Web
Flat Web
Circular Mat
Ball for Baby
Doll’s Muff
C Joilarette
Tom O’Shanter Cap
Baby’s Battle a
Toboggan Cap
Child’s Bath or Bedroom Slippers
Small Mittens
Doll’s Hood
Doll’s Coat or Jacket
Little Boy Blue
Little Red Riding Hood
Doll’s Skirt
Little Boy’s Hat
Child’s Muffler
Child’s Hood
Little Girl’s Hat
Doll’s Sweater
Shoulder Shawl
Doll’s Carriage Robe
Child’s Leggings
Made of Knitting Cotton
Jumping Rope
Toy Horse Reins
Wash Cloth
School Bag
Chimney Cleaner
Doll’s Hammock

“Few elementary exercises have aroused more interest in the child than the toy knitting ; due, perhaps, to its simplicity and his power to do it easily and well. To some keen observer the little orb- weaving spider may have suggested this form of occupation. Be this as it may, the child who is a lover of nature will be quick to perceive the strong resemblance he bears to this little insect while at work with his toy knitter, going from post to post just as the insect worked its net in spiral form on his framework of radiating lines. The possibilities of an empty spool and a few pins are almost without limitations. The illustrations here given are merely suggestive of many more that can be worked out along these lines. They are not simply to momentarily attract the child, but to permit of individual growth, and to have him participate in the joy of its ultimate use.”


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