Streeter Brothers’ Spring Review of Shoes (Chicago 1886)

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streeterStreeter Brothers’ Spring Review of Shoes (Chicago 1886) is a wonderful reprint from an original copy of this very popular shoe catalog from the late 19th century. Even better I think than the great drawings of each shoe style, are the incredible prices ($5, $8 etc) and descriptions.

Here are a few to give you an idea:

“This boot, made from the best English grain leather, is a companion to the shoe on opposite page. The shoes are hand-sewed and the boots are machine-sewed, stitched with the lock-stitch machine, which holds with such tenacity that ripping is impossible. The soles are double, made from oak-tanned sole leather. We have sold this boot for years, and can safely recommend it for its reliability and standard quality. They are to be worn outside of the pants, but you can turn the tops inside and wear them as well inside. No leather is as well adapted to rough wear as the genuine English grain leather. It is impervious to water.”

“We believe that the ordinary cheap and coarse-made shoes have had their day, and the public taste, keeping pace with the constant growth of artistic development, is for something more beautiful. This shoe contains all qualities that catch the eye, and the first cost is but slightly in advance of ordinary shoes. What you pay in price, you gain in satisfactory workmanship and elegant quality. The illustration shows this shoe in our latest style, the Spanish Arch last, square toe. A shoe that is selling rapidly among society ladies. It has none of the ready-made look, but shows at a glance its true worth. They are hand-sewed, with, fair-stitched edges, with shapely, stylish heels of moderate height. Should you wish, we have this same style with a neatly rounded toe instead of square, or you will find, on page 4, a shoe of this line made on still another last, but in all other ways the same.”

“This shoe is comforting and admirably adapted for invalids as well as persons in health. The merits of these shoes have won for them such a place in public estimation, that they stand today absolutely without a rival. Physicians approve and recommend their virtues. They are made from leather of the softest texture, that is of a yielding and adjustable nature, and conforms without pressure to every movement of the joints and muscles. They are made on our improved flexible plan, as described on page 14, and have a patent composition between the inner and outer sole, which effectually prevents dampness or chill from striking the bottom of the feet when worn out of doors. We find that a lace fastening is better for all practical purposes for this particular shoe, as nearly all sensitive feet are inclined to swell more or less at times, and a lace is the only fastening that is easily adjustable. On opposite page is a lady’s low shoe embracing all the merits of this, and on page 33 you will find an indispensable shoe for old gentlemen with sure comfort to the wearer.”



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