T.B.C. Instructions and Designs for Tatting: Book # 8361

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T.B.C.T.B.C. Instructions and Designs for Tatting: Book # 8361 was originally published in 1916 and is an incredible resource for anyone interested in “tatting.”  Just what is “tatting” you ask?  Well, tatting is an old form of needlework and this book is filled with instructions, pictures and photos to help you tatt tatt tatt!

Here is an example of the very thorough instructions given in this book:

“Figure 1 — With shuttle in right hand hold the end of thread between the thumb and first finger of left hand. Lay the thread over all fingers, rais- ing second or middle finger and bring thread back to end of thread between thumb and first finger; leave the thread over fingers to the left of loop, pass the shuttle through loop from right to left and bring it out between loop and shuttle thread as shown in illustration.

Figure 2 — Lower second fin- ger; stretch shuttle thread tight with a jerk and hold tight. The second or middle finger of left hand must now be raised with the loop on it, this forms left knot or first half of double stitch. It is advisable for a beginner to practice this first movement for a time be- fore attempting the second movement of first stitch. The knot is always formed with the loop thread on left hand. The thread on the right hand, or shuttle thread, must be stretched tight when knot is being formed. The shuttle thread must be free to run through the knots made; this is necessary to loosen or draw up rings.


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