The Art of Knitting

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artofknitting The Art of Knitting by the Butterick Company was originally published in 1892, and this is an exact replica from an original copy of the book.  It’s very clear and the illustrations are wonderful, as is the knitting information.  If you are a knitter, or know a knitter, or are just someone interested in all things 19th century you will find this little book a joy to read and use.

A few paragraphs from the introduction:

“In presenting our patrons this book upon The Art of Knitting, in response to their continuous demand for such a work, we take especial pride in announcing that it is the most complete of its kind, and the only one devoted wholly to the occupation or pastime of Knitting ever published.

As it is intended for a companion-pamphlet to our publication upon The Art of Crocheting, it has been prepared upon the same basis — that is, the very first rudiments of the work are carefully described and illustrated, so that the amateur may acquire correctness and celerity in personally beginning and developing the art of Knitting, and with little difficulty soon keep pace with an expert in the work. The secret of the success of any undertaking is— first, complete mastery of details from the very first preliminaries ; second, sufficient perseverance to grasp and conquer difficulties through a knowledge of detail, thus bringing harmonious results from puzzling or complicated conditions. The same foundation of success is incorporated in the Art of Knitting.

We give you the first principles and many designs from the simple to the intricate, each accompanied by correct instructions whose signs and symbols are fully explained at the beginning of the collection. Given these, the persevering knitter can, with little difficulty, develop in a perfect manner every article described or suggested in The Art of Knitting. But “patience” must be “a virtue” belonging to every knitter, whether it be a gift of nature or a matter of cultivation and discipline. We have endeavored to present the best of everything in the way of designs, and have spared neither time nor expense, nor the virtue we
recommend, in selecting and properly preparing the collection, and feel, therefore, a justifiable gratification in the result — a sentiment the purchasers of The Art of Knitting cannot but experience, once they are in possession of the book and begin to follow its instructions.”



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