The Art of Upcycle

Oct 29, 2012 by

Crop your carbon footprint, kick consumption in the keester, and polish your eco-halo with hip projects from THE ART OF UPCYCLE. Oh, I love this book! If you’ve followed me for a while you know I am partial to old books that have been tossed aside simply because they are “old”….well, imagine my delight upon discovering Linda Bodo’s “The Art of Upcycle” which is filled with wonderful creations we can make, repurpose, reclaim and redefine during our leisure time from previously used items. I especially love the cooler cover on page 94 and the beautiful XXXL clock with the ceiling medallion on pg 106 …..but all the items are so cool and fun to make.

I am so happy the wind blew this book to me! Eco-designer Linda Bodo’s take on sustainablility is hip and humorous with an edgy line of lifestyle accessories that slams over-consumerism.  These contemporary design pieces realized from cast-offs have been featured on tv shows around the world.  A prop designer and upcycle devotee for decades, Linda shares her design philosophy online, in monthly magazine columns and in her two best-selling books that are dedicated to eco-friendly living.  She continues to inspire fellow eco-enthusiasts who appreciate items that scream eco-friendly and shout luxury at trad shows, expos and workshops. Enjoy!





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