The Book of Forbidden Knowledge

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Fascinating old book for those of you interested in vintage books on mysticism and the occult.  The Book of Forbidden Knowledge by Johnson Smith was first published in the early 1920′ s and is full of charms, omens, superstitions, magick, talismans etc.

Here’s a bit to give you a feel for it:

Buy a ring; it matters not it being gold, so as it has the semblance of a wedding ring; and it is best to try this charm on your own birthday. Pay for your ring with some small bill, for whatever change you receive you must give it to the first beggar you meet in the street; and, if no one asks alms of you, give it to some poor person — for you need not, alas! go far before you find one to whom your charity will be acceptable; carefully note what they say in return, such as “God bless you,” or wishing you luck and prosperity, as is usual.

When you get home, write it down on a sheet of paper, at each of four corners, and, in the middle, put the two first letters of your name, your age, and the letters of the planets then reigning as morning and evening stars, get a branch of olive and fasten  the ring on the stalk with a string of thread which has been steeped all day in a mixture of honey and vinegar, or any composition of opposite qualities, very sweet and very sour; cover your ring and stalk with the written paper, carefully wrapped round and round; wear it in your bosom till the ninth hour of the night; then repair to the next churchyard and bury the charm in the grave of a young man who died unmarried; and, while you are so doing repeat the letters of your own Christian name three times backwards, return home, and keep as silent as possible till you go to bed, which must be done before eleven; put a light in your chimney, or some safe place, and, before midnight, or just about that time, your husband that is to be will present himself at the foot of the bed, but will presently disappear. If you are not to marry, none will come, and, in that case, if you dream before morning of children, it shows that you will have them unmarried; and if you dream of crowds of men, beware of prostitution.”  Enjoy!


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