The Book of Our Past Lives

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The greatest love letter ever written. Two soul mates find each other, only to be separated for a short time thereafter. Separated by miles and inaccessible to each other via phone, fax or email, one soul mate occupies his/her days (we are never told the sex of either soul mate, which makes the book all the more fascinating) by writing the stories of their past lives together. Though their gender, bodies, and sexual orientation change each life, the recurring thread is the love they share with each other. Each chapter represents a different past life the lovers share with each other.








If you’re romantic and believe in love you will love this book. I can’t wait for this beautiful book to be made into a movie soon. Give a copy to the love of your life. This is one of those books that I finished in my first sitting with it! It’s so passionate, romantic and has so many deep layers. It reminds me of the writer Gibran in his book The Broken Wings, and Rumi and Antoine De St-Exupery in The Little Prince with some hot sex thrown in. It’s very spiritual and allegorical and if you believe in past lives, or just love, loyalty and passion, you will greatly enjoy this book. I also love the writing style, it is in the first person narrative. The love narration reminds me of few movies including The Lover; ; It also has an environmental concept such as respecting animals and nature, like the movie Avatar. I can totally see this book being turned into a movie by a director who is excited to tell the story of two lovers’ past lives, ALL IN ONE MOVIE! A new paradigm!




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