The Canadian Almanac & Repository of Useful Knowledge for the year 1869

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I just love old almanacs and this is a true find: The Canadian Almanac & Repository of Useful Knowledge for the year 1869.
Nothing comes close to stepping back into the past through the eyes of an old almanac and this one is a gem. Here is the entire title:The Canadian Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge for the year 1869, being the first after leap year containing full and authentic commercial, statistical, astronomical, departmental, ecclesiastical, education, financial and general information.”  Whew!

Here are a few paragraphs from the Canadian Post Office explaining their policies in 1869:

Newspapers received from England by the Canadian Packet Mails are delivered free. Newspapers from England by the Cunard Packet Mails are charged 2 cents each on delivery. (This is the American transit charge.) United States Newspapers. brought by mail into Canada, to regular subscribers, are charged one cent each on delivery, transient papers 2 cents each.

The rate on all Periodicals, other than Newspapers, passing by mail in Canada, save such as may be addressed to or received from the United Kingdom, is one cent, per 1 oz of  weight of package containing periodical matter, whether the package contain one or more numbers. Any fraction of 4 oz. to be charged as a full rate. After 31 st December, 1868, no periodicals whatever, except exchanges (periodicals passing between publishers in Canada, and between publishers in Canada and publishers in the United States, Prince Edward Island, or Newfoundland) will be entitled to exemption from postage. Transient Periodical matter posted in Canada must in all cases be prepaid by Postage Stamp. The above rate will be payable on delivery on all Periodical matter received from the United States, except that Canadian Editors may receive Exchange Periodicals from the United States free of Canadian Postage. Periodicals, printed and published in Canada, may be addressed to any place in the United Kingdom by Canadian Packet, on prepayment by Postage Stamp of two cents each number. No package of periodicals can be sent through the Post, if It exceed 4 lb. in weight .

POSTAGE RATES ON MISCELLANEOUS MATTER. Patterns or samples of merchandise and goods for sale, not exceeding 24 oz. in weight, may be posted in Canada to be forwarded to any place within the Dominion, on prepayment by postage stamp of a rate of 4 cent, per ounce, under the following regulations: Patterns or samples must be sent in covers open at the ends, so as to be easy of examination. Samples however of drugs, and so forth, which cannot bo sent in open.  POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT. 1869. ”




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