The Emotion of Sympathy

Mar 11, 2014 by

sympathyThe Emotion of Sympathy by William Winter was originally published in 1856 and is the text of a poem READ BEFORE THE CAMBRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL ASSOCIATION, AT CAMBRIDGE, JULY 26th, 1856.  Unique & different.

Here are a few lines from the preface:

“A comparison is made between the feelings of an exile on returning, after long absence in a foreign land, to that of his nativity, and the feelings, which, as old friends, we experience in assembling together after a long separation. These feelings, though different in degree, are similar in kind. An inquiry follows, as to the origin of such emotions ; and to this inquiry an answer is returned, that we are to seek the explanation in that Law of Sympathy which God has ordained to govern the human race.

The universality of this principle. Harmony of the natural universe. The soul’s sympathy with God, and with all things beautiful in the creation as manifestations of God. Effects of natural scenery on the faculty of association. Our memories of the dead, and reflections of life present and future. Our admiration of beauty in woman, and the mutual sympathy of love. The true philosophy of life. A hope that, so long as we live, this bond of sympathy may unite us in pure friendship, and conduct us in pleasant ways to the end of this life, and onward to the eternity hereafter.”



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