The Gaelic Class Book

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gaelic class bookThe Gaelic Class Book by H. Cameron Gillies M.D. was originally published in 1896!

Here are a few press releases for the book from 1896:

Highland News. — ‘To say that Dr. Gillies’ Grammar is the best hitherto published of the Gaelic
language would not possibly be accepted as anything highly flattering. Nevertheless, we must
say that it is the best, far and away the best, grammar of the language yet published.’

Glasgow Herald. — ‘ We can heartily recommend this book.’

Northern Chronicle. — ‘Should be studied by all who wish to gain an insight into the archaic
construction of the Gaelic language.’

Scotsman. — ‘ Is well based in a study of the historical development of the language and the results
of modern comparative philology.’

Freemarìs Journal. — Dr. Gillies’ work is excellent, as he evidently knows his own language well.’

Oban Times. — ‘ Of much more value than its market price to a Student of Gaelic.’

“This Class Book is intended to enable the learner to proceed by easy steps from the simplest to the higher
stages of Gaelic study. All irregularities of form and construction are excluded from this Part. The Second Part
will deal with irregularities of Grammar, and the Third Part with Idiom. Subsequent parts will carry the study of the language into the higher reaches of literature and history.

For the beginner, it is recommended to constantly practice the reading aloud of the Gaelic Exercises;
and after the English Exercises have been translated correctly these also should be used as a further
exercise in reading.”



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