The Jolly Hallowe’en Book

Oct 24, 2013 by

jollyThe Jolly Hallowe’en Book by Dorothy M. Shipman was first published in 1900 and is chock full of great, bizarre and gruesome ideas for a Victorian Halloween!  Lots of fun games, songs etc.  Available in both paperback and kindle. Paperback appears perfect reproduction from old book, kindle is same except landscape view.  Have fun!

Here’s what’s inside:

Boy Who Wanted to Be a Brownie
Hallowe’en Ghost
A Haunted Study
The Little White Witch
The Lonely Pumpkin
The Mistress Mary’s Pumpkin
When Hallowe’en Comes
Witch’s Brew
The Jolly Hallowe’en Book Stunts and Games
Four of a Kind
Hallowe’en Charms
Apple Parings
The Ashes Test
The Backward to the Cellar
Blowing Out Candles
Bobbing for Apples
Cake of Silence
The Candle Jump
The Fire o’ Love
The First to Wed
Hallowe’en Contests
Hidden Fortunes
Lucky Cake
The Magic Lead
The Needle Prophets
Power of the Lucky Apple
The Prophetic Cabbage
Pure, Foul or Empty
Salt and Water Race
Sneeze Proves It
The Spider’s Touch
Test of the Nuts
Trial by Fire
Wedding Ping and goblet
What the Apple Seeds Tell
Why You Will Marry
Hallowe’en Fortunes
Hallowe’en Scenes
Hallowe’en Treasure Hunt
A Haunted Forest
What Shakespeare Forgot
Witch’s Cat
Hallowe’en Invitations
Hallowe’en Decorations
Hallowe’en Table Decorations
Hallowe’en Menus
Hallowe’en Carnival
Hallowe’en Horror Party
Hallowe’en Nut Party



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