The Journey of the Soul and the Ethereal World

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journey of soulTHE JOURNEY OF THE SOUL AND THE ETHEREAL WORLD by Emma Ruder Drollinger was first published in 1919 is a true gem for those of us who love old metaphysical books.  This book had all but disappeared and this edition is an exact reproduction from a copy of her actual book.  To give you an idea of what is inside this book, here are the chapters and her opening words.

“Journeys to the Ethereal World by the Author and Various Experiences while There.
Chapter 1 — The Ethereal Zones — Where They Are — Their Distances from the Earth.
Chapter 2. — First Inhabited Zone — The Shadow Zone — The Dwellers — Their Condition and the Cause.
Chapter 3. — Second Zone — The Domestic Belt in in the Ethereal World — Its Dwellers Their Condition — and the Cause.
Chapter 4. — Third Zone — The Manufacturing Belt — The First Spiritual Atmosphere — The Beginning of our Journey of Spiritual Progression.
Chapter 5. — Fourth Zone — The Musical Belt in the Ethereal World — the Dwellers and its Conditions.
Chapter 6.— The Fifth Zone— The First Heavenly Zone in the Ethereal World — The Great Scholarly Belt.
Chapter 7. — Conclusion.

NOTICE. This Marvelous Kevelation has not been gathered from any source on this earth realm. This knowledge and wisdom has been handed down to me from a Divine Source embracing the actual experiences of my life since a child of twelve. The Divine Intelligences who have imparted this knowledge and wisdom to me are now dwellers of the Seventh Heavenly Zone and the Celestial Divine Kingdoms, and from one of the Masters who is serving in the capacity as a guardian angel. A guardian angel is one who has overcome worlds. Every soul, no matter in what scale of life he may be, is accompanied through this expression of life and through the Ethereal World by a guardian angel. This divine being never makes himself known until YOU are ready for his wisdom or on some special occasion when we are in desperate need or distress and cry out for guidance and help.

It is this Divine Being whose presence you will feel or whose voice you will hear. I know many who have had these experiences. There are those on the earth realm today who are so calloused — so dense or materially minded that they could not perceive these facts — and there are thousands who have had sufficient revelations to realize that they are never alone and that some unknown divine force is ever guiding or leading the way when we lift our minds above the material vibrations and desire divine guidance. No one can read these pages and not feel and realize the great purpose of this life — and that activity is a natural law displayed throughout the universe. If we fail to see the purpose of this expression of life, we must fulfill the requirements in the lower zones of the ethereal world.

Fifteen years ago this book was written for publication — but felt the world was not ready for its contents. Realizing its contents made too large a book for convenience, I decided to separate it into three or four volumes. This issue constitutes the first volume — or one-half of our journey through the Ethereal Zones in which we must function. Volume two will reveal the higher zones and their condition. Volume three the laws of progression. Volume four the secret of healing. To leave the physical body and journey out into space is a natural event. Every individual while asleep leaves his physical body. You, the Ego or spirit, during sleep or rest of the physical body are attracted out into vibrations of your own creation and you wander to these conditions and places. Many times the experiences which you encounter at that time are so strongly impressed upon your consciousness that when you return to your physical body to again arouse it into activity, it is clearly revealed to your mind and impressed upon your brain and you say : “I was dreaming.”

The majority of individuals do not journey far away from their physical body — because they are so intensely interested in material things and material conditions— in their immediate relatives and friends or business and social associates — or in their environments of the home and their business that they are attracted to these vibrations which enmeshes the soul and prevents it from traveling out any great distance. Many have never traveled out beyond the earth’s atmosphere. All could travel out into spheres beyond this earth realm if their thoughts and vibrations extended out to those realms, and if they were
sufficiently unfolded to understand the law. Many individuals never think of anything beyond the common every-day events. Then how could they travel out beyond such vibrations?”





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