The Negro Trail Blazers of California

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negroThe Negro Trail Blazers of California; a compilation of records from the California Archives in the Bancroft Library at the University of California by Delilah Beasley was originally published in 1919.

From the book’s introduction: “This is a compilation of records from the California Archives in the Bancroft Library at the University of California, in Berkeley; and from the Diaries, Old Papers and Conversations of Old Pioneers in the State of California. It is a True Record of Facts, as They Pertain to the History of the Pioneer and Present Day Negroes of California.”

and from the Foreword:

“The author’s reason for presenting a book of this kind to the public at this time is not due to the fact that she is not cognizant of the fact that, within the past fifty-four years, much has been written regarding the Negro, but to our knowledge, practically no attempt has been made to put into permanent form a record of the remarkable progress made by Negroes in the State of California.

For eight years the author of the ‘”Negro Trail Blazers ” has worked incessantly. At her own expense she has covered the great State of California, visiting small towns and villages, with like zeal with which she visited the larger cities, gathering facts concerning the early pioneers of the race in the State. In gathering the data for this most unique volume, she has sacrificed money, and health. She, however, shall feel well repaid for her labor, if, through the perusal of these pages, there shall be an incentive to even greater efforts by the Negro race this State in the future.

Miss Delilah L. Beasley, author of this volume, has contributed many articles of interest to the race, published in some of the leading journals and magazines of this country. This volume is her greatest effort, and it is without a doubt her greatest contribution to the literary world. It is hoped that the appreciation of her people for these earnest efforts for their uplift and general enlightenment, will place this book in a conspicuous place in the home of every Negro, and that as a work of literary and historical value, it will occupy its place upon the shelf in every Public Library. In writing this little foreword I consider it a very special privilege and favor to be permitted to recommend Miss Beasley and this work.

CHARLOTTE A. BASS, Managing Editor of the California Eagle, Los Angeles, October 30, 1918. (The author is especially proud of this foreword, for it was dictated from the heart of a great and noble woman.)”



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