The Pathway of Roses

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pathwayofRosesThe Pathway of Roses by Christian Larson was originally published in 1912 and is yet another in his vast list of self help, new thought, and metaphysical books.  He is considered by many to be the father and grandfather of the current metaphysical/new/age/self-help authors, and many steal (oops – I mean borrow)…oops I mean are inspired, by his early writings.

See for yourself by taking a peek at the chapter list for The Pathway of Roses:

I. Paths to the Life Beautiful
II. The Way to Freedom
III. The Supreme Point of View
IV. The True Order of Things
V. The Good That is in You
VI. Give Your Best to the World
VII. Giving Much and Receiving Much
VIII. And All Things Shall Be Added
IX. When Life is Worth Living
X. The Way, the Truth and the Life
XI. To Know and Think the Truth
XII. Finding the Lost Word
XIII. The Royal Path to Wisdom
XIV. The Golden Path to Increase
XV. The Life More Abundant
XVI. Human Nature Becoming Divine Nature
XVII. A Sublime State of Existence
XVII. A Foretaste of Heaven
XIX. The Vision of the Soul
XX. The Infinite Revealed
XXI. Return Ye Unto God
XXII. Prayers That are Answered
XXIII. The Faith That Moves Mountains.
XXIV. The Winds and the Waves Shall Obey My Will
XXV. For I Have Overcome the World
XXVI. The Supreme Purpose of Life
XXVII. The Psalm of Rejoicing
XXVIII God’s Beautiful Gift to Me

“What we call time is only that period in eternity that we are conscious of now, and in truth we cannot call it a period of any definite length. To some it is long, to others it is short, to some it passes quickly, to others it drags, and it is variously interpreted by various minds; but the time itself continues to be the same the eternity that we are conscious of now. It may be stated, however, that time must be passing because something certainly does appear to come and go. But this is only the changing attitude of consciousness as man ascends in the scale. We look at the sun; it appears to move, but we know that the sun is not moving from the earth ‘s point of view ; it is the earth that is moving. In like manner, we have looked upon time as passing, but now we know that time is standing still; we are moving upward and onward forever.”


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