The Peerless Pastry Book

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peerlessThe Peerless Pastry Book Containing Recipes for Baking and Pastry Work by John Blitzner was originally published in 1910 and is a classic among pastry chefs.  This is an awesome little cookbook if you want to make your own flaky delights!

Here is just one of his recipes for puff pastry:

Wash 3 lbs. butter in cold water, work it on a table until dry.
Take 3 lbs. dry flour, 4 oz. of the butter, and about 1 1/2 pint of ice water and work it into a smooth paste, form it into a loaf and allow it to rest for about a half hour.
Then roll out the paste to the size of 1/2 ft. square, place the butter in the middle fold, the edges over the butter, then roll it out to about1/2 in. thick, keeping it in good form: brush off the flour and fold it in four, roll out again as before, repeat the folding, and put it in a cold place to rest for half an hour; then repeat the rolling as before, 2 times; let it rest again for 20 minutes and the paste is ready for use.



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