The Phantom Form: Experiences in Earth and Spirit Life

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Mrs. Nettie Pease Fox published THE PHANTOM FORM back in 1881.  She was a prolific writer of all things “spirit,” among her other books were titles such as The Golden Key, Or Mysteries Beyond the Veil and A Search for the Temple of Happiness. In The Phantom Form: Experiences in Earth and Spirit Life, Nettie explains how she came to realize she was clairvoyant and how she began to see spirits.  Not the typical book you expect to read from 1881 – it’s a fascinating read.

Here are a few paragraphs to give you a feel for Nettie’s prose:

“After mother’s departure, I sought rest and forgetfulness in sleep, and for many hours was under the control of its magic power. I awoke refreshed, feeling a calmness and sense of repose, to which I had long been a stranger. I arose, closely examined the apartment which had been so kindly dedicated to my use, and found everything essential to my needs, but missed the delicacy, richness and beauty, that had greeted my first awakening in spirit life. Soon after I had arisen ; a young lady with pale face, large mournful eyes, and quiet, subdued manner, entered my room. She asked if I would go to the grand dining hall, or take my meals in private. I had inhaled the finest, best portion of fruit and flowers while on earth, and had been too much absorbed in other thoughts, to inquire or care to learn how life-sustaining principles were evolved from the atmosphere by spirits. I shrank with nervous dread from contact with others, and replied accordingly.

The young lady said: ” My name is Anna; it is my duty to attend you ; should you desire company, I will conduct you to the pavilion, where you may meet congenial minds; if you prefer solitude, this and the adjoining room, with the grounds upon which they open, are at your service.” She then withdrew, and I turned to examine the adjoining room, and to my joy, found that it contained a large and carefully selected library, a musical instrument resembling a piano, writing materials, paper and music. Upon a small table lay a paper, which attracted my attention. It was smooth and white as the finest satin, the type was clear and distinct, the most beautiful I had ever seen. I perceived that it belonged to my new home, its name The Dawn. It contained an account of the various incidents that had transpired during the last few hours. I was surprised to see an item, giving an account of my mother’s visit, and the arrival of her daughter from the sphere of earth. This disturbed me somewhat, as I desired the strictest privacy. While thinking upon the subject, Anna entered, and I was soon refreshed by my first meal in my new home. I shall not attempt to fully describe it, but simply say it was as enjoyable as any I had ever had, leaving a sense of satisfaction of which I was not conscious, when subsisting upon the emanation arising from earth.

Taking a ‘handsomely bound book, I passed out into the shady lawn, determined to at once commence a search for knowledge. Finding a comfortable seat in a small vine-clad arbor, I opened the book, and found it to be ‘A Treatise upon the Existence of God.’ My first thought was to return it, but a startling sentence having attracted my attention, I continued to read. Clearly, and in the most forcible manner, the writer presented an array of facts, drawn from nature, and pointing with unerring precision to the existence of a universal intelligence. I continued to read until the book was finished, until its clear, bright blade of truth, had cut away the last remnant of unbelief, until I grasped the sublime truth of the existence of God. Language cannot impart a knowledge of the rest and joy, that pervaded my entire being. The book was written in spirit life, and was intended for those restless, storm-tossed souls who had lost all faith in God, religion, love, and hope. I kissed the book, pressed it to my heart, and felt that I could never more drift out into the darkness, from which I had been rescued. Long, long. I pondered over its revelation, and the change it had wrought in me. Then I wished to gaze upon nature and humanity through this new light. ”



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