The Possibility and Reality of Magick, Sorcery, and Witchcraft Demonstrated..

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BookCoverImageThe possibility and reality of magick, sorcery, and witchcraft, demonstrated…or Vindication of a Complete History of Magick, Sorcery and Witchcraft. In answer to Dr. Huthcinson’s historical essay in two parts…..

And that’s not even the complete title! What a wild little book by Richard Boulton first published in 1722!

Here are a few paragraphs to give you a feel for this piece of history:
(fyi: back then they often used an “f” to represent a small “s”)

“We fhall further obferve, in Vindication of what we have offered, that if the Scripture hath taken Notice of fuch Things, and condemns them; to terrify the Wicked, and to breed an Abhorrence of Evil Actions ; and that the World may be aware of the Devil and all his Works, and guard themfelves front being deluded and led afide from the Service of God : I fay, if fuch Things may warn us to beware of the Devil, and fear and worfhip God, who is to protect us from fuch Evils ; our Hiftory containing Relations of the fame Nature, will be to the Reader. be of the fame life, and will do no Mifchief but Good. But, on the contrary, if the Doctor s ‘Eflay difluades us from believing fuch Relations, will not the Disbelief of fuch Hiftories tend to breed a Disbelief of parallel Hiftories in Scripture. And if we disbelieve Sacred Writings, mud not all Religion be flighted  And then, will not the Dodor s Effay be likely to do no Good, but Mifchief I Upon thefe Confederations, I leave the Reader to judge, how juftly the Dodtor hath laid his Charge  or , whether I might not apply the Cenfure more properly to his Effay ; but this will be decided by the following Sheets ; wherein I have quoted Texts of Scripture, to confirm what Arguments I have made ufe of againft the Doctor’s Opinioa But the Doctor complains of the po pous Title of that Hiftory, becaufe I call it a Compleat Hiftory.

The Reafon why I call it Compleat, is, becaufe it contains a full Account of all thofe Hiftorical Relations, which are mentioned in the bed Authors, and which are beft attefted, and moft worthy Notice: And I hope, he will not take it amift, if hif Eflay is, incompleat, becaufe it contains feveral Relations of no Value, trumpt up with the Advantage of cunning Insinuations ,as if Truth was of left Value, becaufe fome Stories or Relations may be Impofitions : At that Rate, nothing mull te R’.ght, becaufe fome Things are Wrong ; and my Hiftory muft be Invalid becaufe bis to the Reach  his Relations are of no Force ; or my
Arguments mufl be inefficient, becaufe his are contrary to the Teflimony of Scripture.”



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