The Raleigh Rainbows: Written in Gregg Shorthand

Nov 16, 2012 by

An actual original copy of The Raleigh Rainbows written in Gregg Shorthand is a rare book. It is probably the rarest of all of the Gregg Shorthand novels because it was only in print for 3 years. I’m thrilled to have found for my Gregg-Shorthand-Writing-Reading-Friends an inexpensive reproduction of this book from an actual old copy.

Raleigh Rainbows was designed to be used by a new Gregg Shorthand student who had just started using the 1916 Gregg Shorthand Manual. Raleigh Rainbows has one chapter for each of the 20 chapters in the 1916 Gregg Manual. The vocabulary and words in each Raleigh Rainbows chapter cannot go beyond what the student has learned in the same chapter in the 1916 Gregg Manual. So the early chapters are very limited and short. The later chapters are more complex as the reader learns more shorthand techniques from the 1916 Gregg Manual. The story seems strange when read in English because of the shorthand vocabulary limitations through much of this book.


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