The Scientific Training of Children

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The Scientific Training of Children by Christian Larson was originally published in 1912 and is a much kinder and love filled book than the title might first suggest.

A few paragraphs from the book to give you a feel for it:

“Thus truth, and a most important truth, that a genius does exist in the subconscious of every mind. Every child is born with that interior something which when developed can produce remarkable ability, extraordinary talent and rare genius. It is therefore of the highest importance that the young mind be so trained that all of its latent power and capacity be developed, because everybody should be given the opportunity to become as much as possible. In the past we believed that if any child was not born with remarkable ability no system of training could give him such ability. We believed there was very little in him because we did not see any signs of talent on the surface. We therefore concluded that he would have to live his life as an ordinary mortal.

But now we know that every child is born with something of exceptional possibility in him, whether it shows on the surface or not. And we also know that that something can be brought to the surface by the proper system of training. This being theĀ  truth no child should be neglected simply because he does not manifest exceptional brilliancy in the beginning. There is just as much talent and genius in the dull child as in the bright child, the only difference being that in the latter genius has become active, while in the former it is as yet inactive. But it can be made active in every mind to its fullest capacity and power. In the scientific training of children the first principle to be recognized and applied is, that remarkable ability, extraordinary talent and rare genius does exist in the deeper mentality of every child. And that whatever exists in the deeper mentality can be developed and brought out into tangible expression for practical use. It is only a matter of knowing how.

The belief that child training should be deferred until the ages of six, eight or ten is not consistent with the natural law of development. Such is simply a belief that has originated from the fact that the modern system of training is in so many instances detrimental to the best mental welfare of the child, the reason being that it tends entirely too much to cram the surface of the mind, thus overworking and stupefying in many instances what intellect there may be in action on the surface. As a system it does not bring out the greater mentality of the mind, not knowing that that greater capacity has existence. The fact is that the proper development of the child cannot begin too soon, for when the development is proper, every day will add to the strength and power of the child’s nature, both physically and metaphysically.

What can be done now should be done now, for if it is not done now it will have to be done later. But no time should be lost, and no energy wasted. Everything should be made to count because what is not for a person is invariably against him. Every child has the latent capacity to become much and achieve much. The child that remains ordinary remains ordinary because it is neglected. It is not being taught to bring out the power, the talent and the greatness that exists within. But if we wish to promote the welfare of the individual as well as the race, and we all do, we cannot afford to neglect a single child. After having recognized the principle that every child is born with capacity for greatness, the next step is to so train the child, both in thought and action, that everything he may do will tend to bring out the talent and the genius that does exist within him.”



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