The Spirit of Christmas

Dec 8, 2012 by

The Spirit of Christmas by Henry Van Dyke was originally published in 1905. Included in this book are the following:

A Dream Story

The Christmas Angel

Christmas Giving and Christmas Living

A Short Christmas Sermon

Keeping Christmas

Two Christmas Prayers

A Christmas Prayer for the Home

A Christmas Prayer for Lonely Folks

It was the hour of rest in the Country Beyond the Stars. All the silver bells that swing with the turning of the great ring of light which lies around that land were softly chiming; and the sound of their commotion went down like dew upon the golden ways of the city, and the long alleys of blossoming trees, and the meadows of asphodel, and the curving shores of the River of Life. At the hearing of that chime, all the angels who had been working turned to play, and all who had been playing gave themselves joyfully to work. Those who had been singing, and making melody on different instruments.”



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