The Truth About Opium Smoking

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The Truth About Opium Smoking by Benjamin Broomhall was originally published in 1882.  During the late 19th century in England there was a strong movement to stop people from consuming opium. At the same time, opium smoking was in great favor with many people for many reasons, including medical.The book includes “testimonies” from missionaries, doctors, politicians etc.

Here are a few lines from the book:

“The grievous danger of the vice of opium-smoking lies in the quiet and insidious way in which it lays hold of those who dally with it. Not only is there an entire absence of the brutality and violence which characterize even a first over-indulgence in alcohol, but there is also an initiatory period, in which there is either no craving, or the craving is so slight that it can be resisted without much effort. Indeed, there are certainly not a few in China, merchants and others, who may now and again smoke the opium pipe, but who are wise enough to beware of the daily habit.

When the daily habit is entered upon, a few weeks are sufficient to make the effort to throw off the chain so severe a tax, alike on the physical and moral strength of a man, that without help he rarely comes off the victor. It is this insidious and quiet and comparatively speedy way in which it takes firm hold of its victim that renders opium-smoking so much more dangerous a vice in many respects than spirit-drinking. It is far quicker in its capture of the man, and more difficult to be shaken off, even when the will is roused to attempt it. Happily, with the help of a physician, and with the patient secluded from the possibility of temptation, there are not a few cases where a cure has been effected. ”



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