The Whims of the Ages, the Moon the Mother of All Things, the Day of Doom & the Flight of the Gods

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Here’s a trippy little book I’ve discovered for you, The Whims of the Ages, the Moon the Mother of All Things, the Day of Doom & the Flight of the Gods by J. M. Woolsey originally published in 1916. It’s a true gem if you have a taste for old occult books from the turn of the century….

The first line of the book: “Superstitions are chronic complaints, deep rooted and die hard.”

And a few paragraphs to get you started:

“Billions of inhabited planets revolve around fixed stars, continually gathering an accumulation of cosmical dust, for motion had no beginning and space no limit. We are but cosmical dust — the solar system infinite and life universal. We have a man-made religion, the worship of the occult forces of Good and Evil, mysterious rituals, dark and esoteric, handed down from the ancient highways of Asia, prophetic dreams and visions, communications with the Spirit World and mysteries of Future Life.

But old gods and religions have vanished and our present cannibal religion is already in its last throes. Our earth has an orbital speed of 184 miles per second as it travels around the sun (this is around the sun), but it is rushing together with the sun at the rate of about twelve miles per second toward a point in the northern sky, but the telescope had been improved and laid bare the caverns of the moon, and there arose a great murmur among the priesthood, “who is he that has betrayed the gods,” and it was found to be Galileo, and he was summoned and brought before the inquisition and there arose a great murmur among the people, saying, ”nay, this is Galileo, one of the most noted scholars in all Europe, and the idol of the people,” but the priesthood cried out, “curse on his wisdom, he has betrayed the gods :” for at that time chemistry was considered a black art, and men of advanced ideas were confined in the madhouse.

The works of Copernicus were considered heretical and the man who discovered the mariners’ compass was accused of witchcraft. Galileo was forced by the inquisition to abjure the Copernican Theory and was detained in the palace of the inquisition and condemned as a heretic to incarceration and to recite once  a week for three years the seven penitential psalms and became hopelessly blind. Science had at last outgeneraled religion, for the telescope had laid bare the throne, and the hiding place of the gods, who fled to the unknown realms of the ether as they did in the time of the Babylonian flood.”


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