Tis-sa-ack and Tu-tock-ah-nu-lah

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tis-saTis-sa-ack and Tu-tock-ah-nu-lah: A tale of Yosemite valley, California was originally published in 1894 and is  a poem in ten parts written by Stella Standish.

Here for your reading pleasure are the first few paragraphs of this poem:

From the wild grand scenes of Norway,
And in Switzerland of Tyrol;
And in Italy of Savoy;
Or, the vertebra Nevada;
In their deep and sheltered hollows.
Looking down see what we shall see !
At the feet of the Swiss Jungfrau, In the Valley Lauter Brunnen
In the Vale of Sounding Brooks;
From the snowy summit Jungfrau
O’er the bosom of the Jungfrau
Looking down see what we shall see ! From the broad plain of the Piedmont.
From between the Alps and Jura,
From the Valley of Grand Features ! F
rom the Valley of all Valleys — Valley — Yo-Semite
Looking up — see what we shall see.
The Bernese Alps of Switzerland, Waterfalls and misty valleys;
The wild gorge of Videllala;
Of all Switzerland most savage !
Of all the Rhine most wonderful !
Waterfalls, and all the Cascades. …..


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