Tribe of the Teddy Bear

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Tribe of the Teddy BearTribe of the Teddy Bear by J. Joseph Wright is a really wonderful read, on many levels. At first glance or read-through it is a fantasy children/young adult book –  the action packed story of a young boy Jack James who goes on an adventure with his magical teddy bear, an  animal he swears is really a mysterious being with supernatural forces. Soon he discovers its name is Takota, a Tanakee on the run from some ruthless and sinister forces. After a storytelling enchantress teaches them of a centuries-old bond between humans and Tanakee as well as an ancient evil bent on destroying the entire universe, Jack and Takota are thrust toward their shared fate. On their journey for survival, Takota must conquer strong inner turmoil and learn the true nature of his emerging mystical powers, while Jack has to help harness a revolutionary device invented by his father in the hopes of rescuing them all from certain extinction.

Jack lives in northwest Oregon, a fifth grader with a vivid imagination and strong need to be liked and accepted by his peers.  A young boy whose inventor/scientist father  filled his thoughts with theories of  omnidimensional energy. I especially like this quote from Jack’s father, “There are no screw-ups in science, or in life, only breakthroughs!”  I also loved the natural writing style of the author. We feel like we are right there with Jack when he finds the dirty teddy bear at his mom’s work… but something tells Jack this is more than just a dirty old teddy bear. In fact Takota is much much more. He and others like him  are on the run from a very evil man who wants to put chips in their heads and turn them into an army. This book would make an amazing movie, it has all the pieces in place to be a blockbuster: great characters, fantastical story line and wonderful message. And of course as with all blockbusters, the ending of the book leaves way for future adventures!  I’d love to tell you more about the story, but as with all great reads it is best to discover its secrets on  your own.

As I read this enchanting book I found it operates on multi-levels itself.  Yes, it is a fantasy children’s book, but it is also carries a very adult message. It is a mirror of our times with a metaphor and a warning for those whose eyes can see the underlying messages.

…and of course I’ll never look at stuffed animals in quite the same way again 😉  Great read for young adults and old adults too!







It has all the makings of a great movie with

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