True Adventures of Pirates

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Here’s a book starring all your favorite pirates, TRUE ADVENTURES OF PIRATES by Seymour Gates Pond.  Read all about ç Here’s a wee glimpse into what you will find about Blackbeard, one of the most famous pirates:

Blackbeard’s real name was Edward Teach. He was born in the English port of Bristol and he took to the sea at a very early age, serving on English privateers in the war against Spain and France. Privateers captured enemy vessels in the name of the king, and the spoils were divided between the king and the crews. Needless to say such a life of sea raiding was very profitable. When the war between England and France and Spain ended in 1713, many crews refused to abandon this life of adventure at sea. To them the vessels of Spain and France still made fair spoil. The step from privateering to buccaneering was but a short one, and it was at this time that many of the king’s men turned to piracy. Privateers captured in the name of the king; buccaneers or pirates captured in their own names.

The king of England tried very hard to put an end to the unlawful raiding of his former privateers, but he met with very little success. At one time he outlawed all those who had turned to piracy, and condemned them, if caught, to hanging. But this threat did not frighten the men. If anything it only sharpened the tone of adventure for them, and very few returned to peaceful ways. At length, the king in desperation promised pardon to all pirates if they would surrender before a given date. This decree was sent to the governors of the British colonies, particularly those in the West Indies, and the governors were then empowered to extend the king’s pardon to any of the pirates appearing before them asking to be reprieved. It was during these years that Edward Teach served under the daring Captain Hornygold, originally of the British Royal Navy. As privateers the captain and his men had raided many enemy ships, and when the war ended they turned to piracy and headed for the West Indies.

One day, after capturing a fine sloop, Captain Hornygold decided that instead of burning or sinking it he would man it with some of his pirate crew. With two ships under his command he felt he could accomplish twice as much twice as easily. To command this prize sloop he selected Teach from among all his men. Hornygold’s two ships then sailed northward for the coast of America. Off Virginia they took three prizes. One was loaded with flour, a welcome addition to their ship’s stores. The second prize yielded a consignment of fine wines. The third brought them plunder of rich value. Heading back to the West Indies with their booty, they encountered a fine large French ship known as the Guineaman, bound for the island of Martinique. This proud ship proved a very rich prize, and Hornygold now made Edward Teach captain of it. The smaller sloop was in turn taken over by one of Hornygold’s mates. Now the pirate captain had a fleet of three fine vessels. Again he made plans to sail for the American coast. But now, at the height of his success, Captain Hornygold suddenly seemed to grow weary of his life as a pirate. And so one night he hoisted anchor, and mysteriously sailed away from his other two vessels, leaving them far behind him. Making straight for Nassau he there surrendered to Governor Rogers, and as a pirate claimed the king’s pardon. Two facts may account for his behavior: he had just heard of several pirates being hung in Boston, and his ship at the time was filled with enough plunder to keep him in comfort for the rest of his life. ”  Enjoy!



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