Universal Food Guide and Science of Eating for Health

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What’s old is new again as they say.  Here we have for you a reproduction of the original book Universal Food Guide and Science of Eating for Health by W. J. Reynolds first published in 1917.

Here’s what the incredibly humble author has to say about his glorious book: “This Book Contains More Demonstrable and Practical Food Information Than Can Be Found Between the Covers of any Other Volume Regardless of Size or Price The Charts Herein Given Are Selected From the Greatest Living Authorities on the Subject of Food. This is the Most Valuable Collection of Food Charts that has Ever Been Com- piled Into One Volume .”   All joking aside, Mr. Reynolds was way ahead of his time as can be seen in this passage: “The most gripping subject of the day is Human Health. Up to the present time the masses have given but little thought to their Mental and Physical well being. History shows a few shining examples of prodigious mental and physical strength, and in every instance such accomplishments were due to judicial living. If the masses could, or would, but emulate these few examples what a wonderful race we would have. The very insistent demand on every hand for greater efficiency has at last brought out the fact that,  in order to have efficiency we must first have health. Individuals, corporations and the governments are after efficiency, of which the great underlying fundamental is health. When it comes to the critical test you are measured by the standard of your health. The individual that can do great things outside of himself is generally great inside — he is in good health.

Due to the present mode of living, the greatest sin committed against human health is wrong eating. Eating too much, eating wrong kinds of foods in relation to the individual’s age, environment and the season of the year. Incorrect proportioning of Protein, Starches, Fats and Mineral Foods for the amount and kind of labor done. But, the great- est danger lies in faulty chemical combinations. Foods wrongly combined from the chemical standpoint generate about thirty-five destructive poisons within the human intestines. In order to eliminate the manufacture of these deadly poisons from the Alimentary Canal, long years of experience have enabled me to devise a simple Chart which, from the chemical standpoint, covers practically the entire field of food combination. By studying the Chart and carefully reading my additional directions, you can make no mistake. Bread, Cookies, Cakes, Pie Crusts, Oatmeal Breakfast Foods and all manner of Grain and Starchy foods, such as the Irish and Sweet Potato (including the Banana). All these are to be combined only with the first and second group, the Alkaline and Neutral foods. Scientifically speaking, the Carbohydrates or Mixed or combined as follows: Alkaline foods with neutral foods. Acid foods with neutral foods. Milk should never be combined with acid or vegetable foods. Milk can be combined with sweet fruits, but in case of sickness even that should not be done. Do not combine starches with acids. When severe stomach trouble exists, very careful combinations should be made. It is useless to study Astronomy without a foundation in rational Gastronomy. Learn to eat for Health. ”  Enjoy and stay healthy!





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