What Every Investor Ought To Know

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From the preface: “The chapters of What Every Investor Ought to Know by Robert Smitley were originally published in various issues of The Magazine of Wall Street by the author under his pen names of Arthur N. Slocum and James Kennedy. Almost all books written for the investor are both technical in language and dry reading. These articles are set forth in the simplest form and fictitious names and situations are used to attempt to make the chapters more interesting to the reader. The author hopes that the casual investor will apply such instances to his own case and thus make the book profitable throughout. It is a strict rule of The Magazine of Wall Street — wherein these chapters appeared — to only publish articles which are easily understood by every reader and whose context has an actual concrete value to the reader. This summary of purpose has been attempted in each chapter. It may be that the reader will not at first appreciate the continuity of financial education set forth in each chapter, but these chapters are an incentive for further study and each one contains a text which may be enlarged upon at the will of the student. The elementary features of What Every Investor Ought to Know may be found in this book. Do not try to read it through at one time. Read a chapter at a time and then take up the supplementary reading applying to this particular chapter. The reader will find that it will be very profitable. Robert L. Smitley.”


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