Woman and Her Wits: Epigrams on Woman, Love, and Beauty

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Woman and Her Wits: Epigrams on Woman, Love, and Beauty by G. F. Monkshood was originally published in 1872 and is a collection of epigrams (brief, interesting, memorable, and sometimes surprising or satirical statement) from the late 19th century.

Here are a few to give you a feel for the book, and for the time:

Woman is an overgrown child that one amuses with toys, intoxicates with flattery, and seduces with promises.
-Sophie Arnould
True modesty protects a woman better than her garments – Anonymous
Woman is the sweetest present that God has given to man – Guya
Coquetry is the desire to please, without the want of loveĀ  – Mochepedre
If before marriage, woman is a queen; after marriage, a subject. – De Maintenon
Coquetry is a continual lie, which renders a woman, more contemptible and more dangerous than a courtesan who never lies. The test of civilisation is the estimate of woman – Curtis
Provided a woman be well-principled she has dowry enough – Plautus,
The more women have risked, the more they are willing to sacrifice.
A flattered woman is always indulgent – Chenie


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