Your Future Revealed By the Gods of Greece in the Words of Shakespeare

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Fascinating book I’ve found for you today – Your Future Revealed By The Gods of Greece in the Words of Shakespeare originally published in 1893. “DIRECTIONS. The person who is to reveal the future to some enquir- ing mind, should use thirteen cards in connection with this book, bearing respectively the numbers from one to thirteen. The one who wishes to know his future, should have in mind some loved one. He then draws one of the thirteen cards. The number being obtained, it is handed to the revealer of his destiny, who finds opposite this number, under the list of “The Gods,” the god who will answer the question asked. For example, if you were seeking for an answer to question III.— “Does He Love,” and should draw the card bearing the number 9, the god presiding would be Cupid, and the answer given by him would be : “I have loved you night and day For many weary months.” Proceed in this way with each question, always returning the card just used to the remaining twelve, which must be thoroughly mixed before drawing again. It will be much more impressive and effective if done in a darkened room, for in the silence and the shadow the future is more fully revealed in all its mystic charms. The Authors. ………CUPID. Two lovely berries molded on one stem. — Mid-summer Night’s Dream.  I pray you speak not, he grows worse and worse. —Macbeth. NEPTUNE. All I see in you is worthy love. APOLLO. I love not to be crossed. -King John. — Lore’s Labour’s Lost. VENUS. Sleep thou, and I will wind thee in my arms. O, how I love thee. — Mid-summer Night’s Dream. MINERVA. Men are April when they woo, December when they wed . — As You Like It. MERCURY. A kinder gentleman treads not the earth. — Merchant of Venice. — 17 — MARS. I will be the pattern of all patience. I will say nothing. — King Lear. CUPID. My heart unto yours is knit So that but one heart we can make of it. — Mid-summer Night’s Dream. VULCAN. He made her melancholy, sad and heavy, And so she died. — Love’s Labour’s Lost.



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